Artem Khatypov is a professional showman with a great sense of humor and creative thinking.


He is included in the rating of the best English speaking host in Russia and TOP100 Awards 2019

Artem has been a professional English and Russian bilingual host for 10 years. And he always helps his clients to create fun, beautiful and intelligent events.

He has established himself as a host, for all kinds of events, such as a small family celebrations (weddings and birthdays), and scale corporate parties and presentations for companies such as Bridgestone, Sberbank of Russia, Gazprom, HiteJinro, Lexus and Decathlon.


The official host of the FIFA World Cup 2018 

And there is some more useful information to help you make your decision. Artem's to do list at work is:


- practicing the European style in the conduct and organization of wedding and corporate parties,

- preparing an individual scenario for each event based on the client's preferences and wishes,

- using only new live interactions and high-quality humor,

- interviewing guests before the start of the event and helping them to feel more comfortable.


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Artem Khatypov - wedding host


Artem Khatypov - corporate host


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