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Artem Khatypov. Biligual host

What works for me? Wedding of self-sufficient, educated and active couples with a good sense of humor and self-irony. Couples who prefer casual style: no extra attention to the guests, long toasts and obligatory fulfillment of traditions. The ones who care more about atmosphere, family and friends, dancing and pleasant surprises.


For this purpose, I create a scenario of the wedding and ceremony based on information about the couple and guests, conduct original, unobtrusive entertainment, offer interesting ideas, moderate the event and help to introduce the guests to each other. 


I know how to calm worried parents, I can convince the guests that it is much better to watch the ceremony rather than to shoot on video, share life-hacks, how to do the wedding without shouting «Gorko», translate congratulations from Russian to English and back, I’ll tell you how to organise a successful zoning on the set and make the wedding comfortable for the guests of any ages.


Of course, it’s not all secrets, but I’d love to share the other ones with you at the first meeting. ​

Yes, we work together with DJ, he will pick up the music you want, help with the rental of the equipment, and later in the evening will put Meladze (or not)  


I live in Moscow, and work not only in Russia, but also all over the World. I have a Schengen visa. Price and conditions, you can see here.  


In my free time, I travel a lot with my wife in search of delicious food and emotions.

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You can find more on my Instagram: @artem_khatypov